Geek Girls Rule!
Geek Girls Rule! A girl talks about gaming, sex, comics and other nerdy stuff. I cover Indie games, why comics make Feminists' heads explode, what real boobs look like, SF/F books, and all things geeky.

Filamena is part of Machine Age Productions, and is currently working on their new product, Amaranthine.  Other sites, people and products mentioned in this podcast are:

D&D - Wizards of the Coast

Vampire the Masquerade - White Wolf

Jeep Form

Phil Brucato

Wolfgang Baur

Jennifer Brozek

Prime Time Adventures

The "Last Girl" or "Final Girl" in horror movies

Roleplaying without a Net - I can't find a link for this one.  If anyone else can, please let me know. 

Horror Rules

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