Geek Girls Rule!
Geek Girls Rule! A girl talks about gaming, sex, comics and other nerdy stuff. I cover Indie games, why comics make Feminists' heads explode, what real boobs look like, SF/F books, and all things geeky.

My good friend Jillian Venters, Headmistress of Gothic Charm School, and I talk about the early days of the Camarilla, gaming, and horror movies. 

Her husband the ever lovely (and cranky) Pete Venters.


Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting.

The Pit and the Pendulum


Ginger Snaps

Jennifer's Body

Danse Macabre by Stephen King

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Ok, there are more things I should link, but it's getting late.  This is a long one, and I apologize for not breaking it up, but I have two reasons for that.
1.  There was no good place to do that conveniently.
2.  I have two more really awsome podcasts coming up and didn't want to slow my ability to release them. 

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