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Geek Girls Rule! A girl talks about gaming, sex, comics and other nerdy stuff. I cover Indie games, why comics make Feminists' heads explode, what real boobs look like, SF/F books, and all things geeky.

Hi!  Long time no hear!  I want to just warn you all that this podcast gets really angry toward the end.  Also, I cry.  

Now some people will be all, "Ha ha ha! We made her cry! Victory!"

If that is the case, your bar is FAAAAARRRRRR too low.  Honestly, I cry at everything, all the fucking time.  Warner Brothers cartoons make me cry, and I'm not talking like a tearjerker movie, I'm talking a Daffy Duck cartoon.  Long Distance commercials have made me cry.  When we had cable, we blocked Animal Planet because nearly every show on there is designed to make me cry. Especially during their "All Animal Cops All The Time" period.  Oh gods.  

Really, making me cry is not an accomplishment.  

Making me so angry I want to commit physical violence?  Now THAT is an accomplishment.  Seriously.  I don't often get that angry, but these douchebags have done it.  Go them. 

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Geek Girl Con!

Department of Cautionary Tales

SCP Foundation

Iron Man 3


And lots of other stuff. 

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Ta DA!  What I did on my Easter vacation, by Geek Girls Rule!

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Category:general -- posted at: 2:03am EST  The publisher of Fahr's manga - "Losing Neverland" Fahr's website Fahr's tumblr Fahr's youtube  Fahr's DeviantArt page

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Cloud Atlas, Melissa Marr, Adventure Time, cat stress, job stress, game writing, Twitter...

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Ok, so I said I'd never do an episode with guys, but here it is.  And I did this in part because while women are talking themselves blue in the faces about these subjects, dudes keep telling us we just don't know how HARD it is being a dude.  So I've asked two dudes to come on and talk about how they've managed to not rape anyone, and the fact that they both know the FriendZone is bullshit, and how now to be a "Nice Guy(tm)" as opposed to being a decent human being.  

Sasha runs the blog More Than Men.  

Ogre is the Geek Husband What Rules and has his own podcast Stabbing Contest, which he will be updating.  

As Sasha points out near the end, neither of them is saying anything that I and dozens of other women aren't saying, but some people will give it more weight because they're dudes.  

That's fine.  As long as the message gets out there.  

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    American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund -

    ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals -

      And my friend Lela's blog:


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So, I recorded this at Geek Girl Con with my friend Rachel Edidin, answering a twitter question about Feminist comics.  Sorry it took me so long to update, I've had it ready for about a month.  

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These are topics I've talked about on the blog.  I'll be posting a link round-up of charity auctions and activities for the victims of the Aurora shooting soon.  Thanks for listening.

If you like the blog or the podcast please, please, please donate to keep us going.  Donations go to pay for the podcast hosting and website domain, primarily.

Also, we’ll have an announcement about t-shirts soon.  Really and truly.  Soon.  Damn life, always interfering.  I SWEAR IT’S COMING!!!  I will know about the helper monkey soon.

Oh, and Honey Badger’s first two songs are available for download here, for free or pay what you want.

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In which I enthuse about Go Play NW, Westercon, Cards Against Humanity, ask you a question, and consider the question of whether or not Tom Hiddleston can actually be real. 

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